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SAPL Rules




  • All teams are requested to put SAPL in front of their team name, it is not compulsory but it will be appreciated if done so . Example: SAPL *Team Name* (SAPL SHIBOBO)·         
  • All teams have a maximum squad size of 16 players.
  • Any player that isn't assigned to your club or is ineligible for any reason and plays will result in your club getting a default loss. If it happens twice in one season, your manager will be banned for the remainder of the season.


  • Every team must have a minimum of 4 players to be able to play a match, if not then your team will be given a default loss, in the event of load shedding the minimum for each team will be 2 players.
  • An outfield player cannot make use of the GK Outfit Glitch.
  • Each team must have at least one-person stream/record their matches each game day, for clarity if any issues arise.
  • Overseas Teams may only send a game invite if a South African captain is hosting the game. 
  • All SAPL teams need to have their region set to “SOUTH AFRICA”, proof thereof will have to be shown to the opposing captain should a query arise, if found guilty the board will decide on a punishment.


  • Teams are allowed to call for time (5 or 10 minutes) as long as it is messaged to the opposition manager  prior to the scheduled start of the game. Preferably this message would be sent in both the manager's chat as well as in a private message.
  • If a player lags out of a match under 10 minutes of game time, you may restart the match up to two times without penalty as long as your entire team has backed out before 10 minutes have passed. If a player lags out of a match over 10 minutes of game time, you cannot restart the match and must finish the game with the remaining players. Any goal(s) scored before a team quits or lags out before 10 minutes still stands when the match is restarted.
  • A manager cannot call a default or claim against a team for not showing up on time, after the match is played. Teams that don't meet the match times set by Admins will receive a forfeit loss unless a reschedule is agreed by both Managers and Admins.
  • If a team plays with an illegal player (red card or a player not on their roster), they will receive a default loss. Default losses will result in a 3-0 score line for the winner with ONLY player rating stats set at 8 for each player. 
  • The in game captain who is sending or receiving the game invites must be the 1 who RECORDS the game in case a dispute should arise.


  • Blocking the goalie at any time during the game is not allowed. If your team is found guilty of blocking the keeper and a goal results from that motion of play, the goal itself will be disallowed and will be considered null and void, the board also reserves the right to view footage of the incident and make a ruling based on what the footage shows. (Ex: A player stands next to the keeper during a set piece and moves as he moves to prevent his natural range of motion as the ball is played in. If the player were to go near the goalie but move a couple of seconds before the ball is kicked, that would NOT be considered blocking the keeper).
  • Captains are not allowed to pause during defensive set pieces. When the captain on the team defending a set piece pauses their game, it causes the wall to break apart, the screen to flash, the goalie then becomes unable to move, as well as resetting some people's positioning.
  • 5 yellow cards in a season will result in a 1 game ban.
  • A red card is a 1 game ban, which falls on to the next game day. 


  • Video Proof is to be provided for any disputes that may arise, if there is no video proof, a captains claim will NOT be entertained.
  • Messages to and from captains or vice captains must be kept as proof as well, failure to produce these as well will result in your claim being null and void
  • the board exercises its right to refuse any claim being brought forward for whatever reason.
  • All disputes must be sent to the admins with in 4 hours of the incident, anything thereafter will not be entertained.


  • Managers who wish to reschedule any games must have the opposing manager agree as well as obtain admin approval in order to move a game. Games cannot be re-scheduled for another date; they may be played earlier or later in the game day taking into consideration they do not disrupt other fixtures.


  •  If the game is tied at the end of regulation in a Single knockout Cup game, teams must play extra time and/or penalties to decide the winner.
  •  If two teams are tied after two legs in the SAPL Cup and both matches are draws with the same score (Ex: 1-1, 1-1 or 0-0, 0-0), teams must play a decider game directly after. If this game is tied at the end of regulation, teams must play extra time and/or penalties to decide the winner.
  • Default losses will result in a 3-0 score line for the winner with ONLY player rating stats set at 8 for each player.


  • Managers are responsible for their players stats.
  • Stats must be recorded after every game played with video/picture proof of stats.
  • After each game has been played all stats must be uploaded via the League Republic site. Cheating on stats is a grave offence and is punishable by game day bans which will be set by the board.
  • All stats must be 100% clear for all admins to understand. If they are not, then admins have the right to discard the stats.
  • All stats must be done by midnight the day after each match day (11:59:59 PM Tuesday, for Monday game days & 5pm Fridays for Thursdays game days). No stats will be recorded for the team if this deadline is missed.
  • Admins can request for proof of stats at any time. If managers are found guilty of blatant stat padding, they will be subject to a ban from the league.


  • Once a player is signed to a team, he is required to play a minimum 20 Games for that team before he/she is eligible to transfer out to another team.
  • Players are allowed two transfers per season.
  • The transfer window will be closed before the Pre-Season Cup starts, the transfer window will then open mid season with the board reserving the right to control the duration as per their discretion. The  transfer window will re open at the end of the season once all matches have been completed.
  • Teams are allowed to sign 2 free agents per season if the window has been closed (FREE AGENT – someone who has not played for a club, associated to a club, or has signed for a club during that season.
  • In special cases where a team gets disbanded mid-season, the board will determine the status of the players affected and give a ruling of whether they can be signed to other teams or not.
  • For a Transfer to be valid, the player and Managers (Current & Future Manager) need to all agree to the transfer, as well as informing an admin within the transfer window. Failure to do so will result in the transfer being null & void.


  • All managers must respect others & their role at all times.
  • All managers must find a replacement before resigning or will be banned for the rest of the season. If a manager gives up his job to another player on the roster, the new manager will be interviewed before they are confirmed.
  • A manager whose team folds during the season must stay on that roster for the remainder of the season and cannot be transferred, bought out, or released.
  • A manager who transfers ownership of the team to someone else on the roster must stay on the roster until the mid-season transfer window. If the switch happens after the mid-season window, they must stay on the roster for the remainder of the season.
  • Any manager caught knowingly playing a banned player on their team will be banned from the league. The admins will then investigate the remainder of the team to find out who knew about the offense and hand out punishments accordingly.
  • Any manager caught allowing someone else other than their players to play on an account of a player on their team will be banned from the league. The admins will then investigate the remainder of the team to find out who knew about the offense and hand out punishments accordingly.


  • Players must respect the league, the admins and SAPL rules or they face potential punishment.
  • Players signed with one team found guilty of playing with another team on a separate account will be banned from the league.
  • Players who allow a banned or otherwise illegal player to play on their account will be banned from the league.


  • SAPL is divided into 4 separate divisions - Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2.
  • Teams will play each other twice per season.
  • End of season standings will be decided based upon the highest point totals. If necessary, the following tiebreakers will be used to sort any teams that are level on points - Goal Difference, Goals For, Head-to-Head Results, Games Won, Random Draw.
  • At the end of each season, the bottom 3 teams from each division will be relegated to the division below. The top 3 will gain promotion to the division above.                                                                                                                 


  • The SAPL Cup is a Group Stage & knockout cup involving all teams in the Premier League, Championship & Conference, that will be played after league fixtures on each game day. Teams play each other once in the Group Stages.
  • The KO Rounds will be a two-legged tie with away goals counting. Should teams be tied after two legs, those teams will need to start a 3rd match and play Golden Goal until a winner can be determined. If the teams are tied after two legs and both matches are draws with the same score (Ex: 1-1, 1-1 or 0-0, 0-0), use extra time and penalties instead.
  • The final is a one-legged tie. If the teams are tied after 90 Min, use extra time and penalties to determine a winner.

The Board reserves the right to update/add/remove rules at their own discretion based on any issues that may or may not affect the league. 

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